Printing Styles for your Wedding Invitations

Thinking of your wedding invitations? What about print medium? If you didn't know this digital printing is the most economical form of printing when it comes to your wedding invitations. Especially if you're having a small wedding. But if you're in need of 100+ invites you may want to consider the following printing mediums.

1- Off-set printing This form of printing is very similar to digital printing. Its flat but printed on a high end press. Plates of made of your wedding design and then imprinted onto your wedding cardstock. I usually suggest this form of printing for couples who are after a full dark colour something like black or navy for their wedding invites. A variety of metallic colours are also available - something digital printing cannot achieve.

2- Thermo Engraving I usually suggest this form or printing when a couple is after a simple classic or modern design for their wedding invitation. Thermo engraving puffs up and is often referred to as raised ink. It is a classic and probably most common form of printing when your parents and grandparents got married. If you're looking to luxe up your invitations you may want to consider this form of printing.

3- Letterpress This is the oldest form of printing and one of the most classic. As opposed to thermo (raised ink) letterpress leaves a lovely imprint like effect. If you have the cash and you're after something timeless and elegant letterpress might be something to consider.

4- Foil Stamping This is by far my fav if you're looking to glam up your wedding invitations. Foil stamping is called dry printing because it does not use any sort of ink for printing purposes. It is a dry stamping process where ink, magnetism, or plates are not used to print letters and pictures as is used in traditional printing methods. In place of all these things, foil stamping uses dies or carved metal plates, heat, and foil in the stamping process. A definite classic!

I love printing. It's a real craft especially if you're into specialty printing. Over the years I've built wonderful relationships with all of my printers. They are passionate, knowledgable, reputable and located in Toronto and surrounding areas.