What You Should Know About Wedding Invitations

When should you contact a wedding stationer? Ideally a year prior to your wedding day. It's always a good idea to be early that way you can be involved from beginning to end assuring quality with having lots of time to make the right choices. My recommendation would be to start by sending out save the date cards. These are usually sent out 6-7 months prior to your wedding day.

When to send out? Your wedding invitations should be sent out 6-8 weeks (about 2 months) before your big day. If you have lots of out-of-town guests or doing a destination wedding, you might want to consider sending out your wedding invitations 3-4 months before your wedding day.

How many invitations should you purchase? I often get couples who think they should send out one invitation per person. So when I tell them the norm is 1 per couple or family.... they are relieved at how much money they will be saving. Other than that I usually recommend an additional 15-20 sets for the extra invitees (b-list) and some for a keepsake.

What should be included in your invitation package? You can make your wedding invitation package simple with an invitation card, reply card and outer envelope.  For the rsvp, you ask your guests to send in their reply via email or on your wedding website. You can go with a more elaborate package by adding pieces like a map/accommodations card, brunch card inside a pocket enclosure or a custom belly band.

What are some simple upgrades for your wedding invites. A great way to boost your invitations package is colour envelopes. Best to get the envelopes printed with your return address and perhaps guest addresses if you don't feel like hand writing them. Also putting accommodations info on the back of the map card is a simple and useful addition.

What should I be thinking about when it comes to wedding day stationery? The most common item my clients get is either a seating chart or seating cards. Menus and table numbers are also ordered very regularly. If you have a fairly long ceremony you might want to get ceremony programs designed and printed. This gives your guest something to read and follow during your ceremony.