The Twine vs. the Ribbon and Wedding Invitations

I often get brides whom request adding ribbon or twine to their wedding invitations. Both are a great added detail on the right invitation.

The Twine... great if you're after a more casual look. There is burlap style twine which has a craft paper colour tone and comes is different thicknesses. The baker's twine is also very popular and comes in many colours. 

Invitations wrapped with twine
Baker's twine for wedding invitations
Invitations tied with yellow baker's twine

The Ribbon... has a certain elegance and comes in many colours and sizes. For an invitation I would suggest going with the thinest ribbon possible. Ribbons sometime come in a string looking format or in 1/8" wide. I recommend this because a ribbon will get bunched up inside the outer envelope and may end up looking wrinkled when pulled out of the envelope. Thick ribbons will also create a big knot and add a certain thickness to your outer envelopes. Keep in mind that thickness can cause your final postage to go up.

Wedding invitation with 3 patterns and ribbon
Invitation with thin ribbon to fit inside envelopes
Thin satin ribbon comes in many colours
Wedding Invitation with tangerine sting and custom tag