Clever Copy for your Wedding Invitations, Menus and Programs

I've designed all sorts of wedding invitations over the years for many weddings each having their very own personality. What I think is the ultimate is when you have well designed wedding invitations with awesome copy... funny, clever, something out of the ordinary. So that said here are some examples...

David & Jennifer's Wedding - Distillery District Toronto

David's humorous personality was behind his and Jen's wedding invitations and day of stationery. It was clearly written with the perfect amount of humour.

Invitation card

Jennifer & David request your presence as they get married, since they could never get married without you please do them the honour of being present on May 7, 2016 at 7pm. The Fermenting Cellar 26 Distillery Lane, Toronto, Ontario. Black tie optional but dancing shoes required.

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Special thanks cards - found at each guest’s table setting

Most wonderful friends & family... it absolutely means the world to us that you are sharing in the paramount event of our lives. We have been entirely overwhelmed with all of your support, generosity, calm, food, ideas, ear-lending, hand holding and overall awesomeness. We wouldn’t be here without you both literally and figuratively and we are both better people for having known and grown with you. We apologize sincerely for any bursting bellies, swollen feet or hora induced infirmity. Enjoy the party! Love Jen & David

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Menu - Side one

Lets Eat! Everything you need to know about food stations. There will be 1, 2, 3, 4, dinner food stations and one dessert station spread out through the room. The stations will be open for business for two hours so make sure you pace yourself if you plan on indulging at all four. Buon Appetito!

Menu - Side two

Japanses Sushi Station  - A variety of hand rolled sushi served with traditional garnishes.

Pasta Bar Station - Spinach agnolotti served with zesty tomato basil sauce smoked chicken, orecchiette, spinach ribbons oyster mushrooms, basil pesto sauce, grilled vegetable platter.

Mini Burger & Poutine Station - Lamb, cherry chutney, frisée salmon, spiced guacamole, tomato jam, short rib, crisp, onion, grainy mustard, crisp Chick pea and vegetable, matboucha, pickle straws, hand cut yukon fries with cheese curds dark chicken gravy.

Carving Station - Herb roasted AAA beef strip loin served with mini sourdough buns, red wine thyme jus horseradish and dijon mustard.

Gourmet Belgian Waffle Station & Cheese - Served with northern Ontario maple syrup fruit compotes, chocolate sauce and powdered sugar, chef’s selection cheeses along with sliced fresh fruit, selection of biscotti, coffee & tea

Fiona & Keith's Wedding - Royal Ontario Museum Toronto

I have to mention Fiona and Keith's wedding programs as they were so creative and super clever. Fiona had this ideas of putting together this newspaper type program including wedding details such as a true or false questionnaire, crossword puzzle, a gossip girl column and a monthly horoscope.

Page one... Today's News

It wasn’t a dark and stormy night, and it wasn’t the best of times or the worst of times, but it will definitely go down in history as a great beginning to a great story. When Fiona and Keith met, they were both dating other people, but a magnetic force drew them together, and
together they have remained for more than four years. Their lust for travel and new adventures has taken them to strange and wonderful places. The recently adopted motherland (Paris, France) calls their names in the night, softly, almost a whisper. But Toronto remains home, a treasure trove of family, friends and memories, and a constantly meowing cat. good food, good laughs, and the occasional (usually) friendly slander are what guests to their home are greeted with, along with a glass of wine. Where they'll stop, nobody knows but they’ll have fun getting there. 

Page two... Local News

The Marriage of Fiona Haig to Keith Mill w/ wedding ceremony info

Calendar of Evening Events w/ info

Pages three and four... Society

The Who’s Who of the Haig-Mills Merger w/ parent's names, bridesmaids, Groosman and Scenesters

Page five... Funnies

True or False Questionnaire, Crossword Puzzle and Answers

Pages six and seven...Gossip Girl Column

Pages eight and nine... Horoscopes

Page ten... Travel

Paris, New York, Kuwait, Rome, Florida, Mexico, Grand Cayman... the list of places to which we have traveled runs long; the only hope is that the list of places to which we will travel runs longer. Next up: Bali, September 28 to October 9. While Fiona visits the monkey forest, rides elephants and experiences local culture, Keith will be experiencing local culture... on the beach. We will wrap up our trip in a hut on the beach in the Gilles Islands (Bali), though something tells me Fiona will still be able to find an outlet for her rowenta beauty hair straightener.

Back Cover... Thank You

Fiona and Keith, as well as the Haig and Mills families, want to thank everyone for coming. 
We hope you enjoy the evening... and we hope you brought your dancing shoes! 

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Erin and Jamie's Wedding - Airship 37 Toronto

Erin and Jamie's wedding invitations and day of stationery we composed of this unique super rustic pattern with a tattoo like design. Jamie being a tattoo artist picked it out and Erin got me to manipulate colours so the eggplant and golds really pop.

Their invitations were well packaged inside a pocket enclosure wrapped with a belly band. This beautiful invitation package included rsvp cards and envelopes, map and accommodations cards. 

Erin and Jamie kept their invitation wording simple but really pumped things up with the wording of their wedding programs. 

Wedding Program

Erin & Jamie are getting Married Today! You’ve probably figured that out by now, but if this is news to you, then you’re probably in the wrong place. Here is how its going to go....You will hear songs chosen by Erin&Jamie while you wait. (Okay, probably a bit worried, no heavy metal today… the music is fabulous.) Feel free to mingle & relax as you listen to the music.

Our ushers will help find you a seat. When the music stops, be sure you take your seat. Shortly after, you will hear the string quartet start to play and that’s when you know it’s about to start.

Then finally, when you hear the song Iris by Goo Good Dolls, this will be your cue to stand up because…. here comes the beautiful bride Erin! She will be escorted by her handsome dad, Thomas Haig. 

During the ceremony... Welcome - Vows – Rings – Music- Married! Erin&Jamie will be declared Mr. & Mrs. and you will see a “happily ever after” Kiss! Feel free to hoot, holler, and clap at this point if you want too. Then all of the gorgeous people standing at the front will follow the newlyweds down the aisle to the song "Don’t You" by Simple Minds.

And at last....we can all eat, drink and be married!

Head over to the Fermenting Cellar for the cocktail hour. This is where you get to have a bit of nosh, a glass of vino to celebrate and mingle, while we finish taking pictures. Then comes the dinner and dancing.

To keep that party going there will be a late night snack, a truly Canadian classic and one of Erin&Jamie’s favourites.

To make sure everyone gets home safely there will be a late night bus shuttle service running from 11:30pm to 1am. The shuttle will be making its rounds between Fermenting Cellar – One King West – Fairmount Royal York.

People credits... we would like to thank our amazing parents for all the love and support you have given us throughout our lives and during this wonderful time. To all of our friends and family here today, we are honoured that you have come from far and near to celebrate our love. You each mean so much to us and we are beyond thankful to have you in our lives. And finally to all those who have given us their time and helping hands with planning this event, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We could not have done this without you. Love Erin&Jamie.