Reply Card Wording

When it come to your reply cards there are many wording options. Best to choose wording that will work well with the type of wedding you will be having. That said maybe your choice is more traditional or maybe fun and casual?

There are four critical elements when it comes to your RSVP's:

No. 1 - Reply Date

Ask your guest to reply by a certain date. The norm is to choose a date one month before your wedding date. I usually suggest choosing a weekday since Canada Post only operates from Monday to Friday.

No. 2 - Guest Names

Its important to know who the RSVP is from when you receive it. This way you can build a solid guest list. Traditionally your guests will enter their names after the "M". This "M" stands for the first letter of Mr., Mrs., or Miss.

No. 3 - Accepts or Declines?

Another important part of the RSVP card is knowing who is coming and who isn't? Depending on the type of event you are having you may also want to include other associated events such as rehearsal dinner or next day brunch?

No. 4 - Meal Selection

This section will depend on what you're serving at the reception. If you're opting for a buffet, chances you can leave this section off altogether. If you have multiple entrée options, list the options, and ask your guests to tally the entrée preferences.

Meal selections can be written out with a line beside each option or graphic icons can be inserted to make the overall look more fun. Here is a visual example below...

Wording for the ‘RSVP By Date’ Section

There’s a handful of ways to word your call to action asking guests to RSVP by a certain date:

The Favour of Your Reply is Requested by May First
Please Reply By 05.01.2107
Kindly Reply by May First
Reply by 05.01.2017
Kindly Let Us Know By 05.01.2017
RSVP By 05/01/2017
Please Respond By May First

Accept/Decline Wording


Accepts with Pleasure
Declines with Regrets

Delighted to Attend
Regretfully Cannot Join You


Can’t Wait!
Sorry, Wish I Could Be There 

We Will See You There!
Sorry To Miss Out

Let the Good Times Roll!
You’re Going to Have to Carry On Without Me

Bags Packed, Ready to Go!
Hate to Say Can’t Make It

Deal Me In!
Sitting This One Out

Excited to Celebrate with You!
Sad to Miss All Fun

Fun Text

Fun text options can also be added near the bottom of your RSVP cards. A common one is "Can't wait to Celebrate with You!" or "Please Request Your Favourite Song Below" or even "Words of Wisdom to the Future Married Couple". These make a great keepsakes.

Email or Website Replies

If you are thinking of doing a wedding website these often have on online reply option which can also include a meal choice. In the past few years I've been doing a bit more of these types of reply cards. And for the couples who don't have a wedding website email replies are sometimes requested. But overall the traditional send back by post is the most popular as it is the most traditional way to use RSVP cards. Hey after all you only get married once!