Set the Tone with your Wedding Invitations


Your wedding invites are key when it comes to setting the tone for your big day. Weather you are having a big elegant urban wedding or a smaller intimate themed wedding your wedding invitations will give your guest the ultimate visual hint to the type of wedding celebration you will be hosting.

Your wedding invitations will introduce your wedding colours, the style of your wedding and your personality as a couple. Your invitations should leave your guests delighted and excited to attend so make sure you get it right. 

Here's a few tips that will help you get started:

What time of year are you getting married?
You may want to consider certain colours or design elements to suit that time of year.

Where are you getting married... location / venue?
Definitely look at your venue or wedding location. That way you can incorporate certain colours or styles found at the location into the design of your wedding invitations.

What are your wedding colours?
These can be neutral with a hint of your favourite colour. Or a few bright colours or even classic black and white. Be sure and be proud of your colours!

Is there a theme to your wedding day?
A garden party, a trip to Mexico, or even an urban celebration at the Carlu. Incorporating visual elements that will reflect your theme is an absolute must.

There are thousands of fonts out there. Your wedding fonts should be carefully chosen to mix well with style and other elements. This could be ornate and traditional, hand written casual or modern and sleek.

Patterns, graphic element and/ or illustrations?
Add depth and more interest to your invitations. Keep in mind that additional elements need to work well together. Visual research and consistency is always key.

And lastly... have fun and enjoy the process! This is probably the only time in your life you will have such beautiful invitations going out in the mail!