Guest, Reply & Return Addresses!

When you are brainstorming or in search of the perfect wedding invitations you usually first look at the design, style, colours, paper, envelopes and custom liners. But have you thought of addressing? There are 3 parts to wedding stationery addressing. First is your return address... this address is usually the bride's parent's address or the bride and groom's address. The purpose of the return address is simply if any of your invites don't make it to your guests addresses they will be returned and you can then relocate them in the right direction. I feel these are very important... as this will save you on getting more invitations printed in the long run. Secondly there are reply addresses... getting these mailed back to you will indicate who is attending, not attending, menu choices etc...The reply address like the return address is either the bride's parent's address or the couple's address. And thirdly are your guest addresses. Etiquette indicates that these usually get hand written by the bride. Some of my brides love to do this type of thing and others really don't. So I often suggest getting a family member or a friend who has nice hand writing and who wants to take on this job. But if no one is game you can simply get them printed onto your envelopes. I like to keep addresses consistant with invitation design so I always use the same fonts and colours. Depending on the initial design, I sometimes like to add a few graphic elements from the invitation package. So keep in mind that your envelopes can look as beautiful as your invitations!