Printing 101 - digital

Here are my top 10 tips when it comes to digital printing: 1. Printing happens from computer to printer - it is the quickest print medium. 2. Colours! - digital can accommodate a simple or a full colour palette. Best part - cost is the same! 3. A lighter percentage of your favourite colour can be easily achieved. This process is harder and more expensive with other print mediums. 4. Smaller print runs such a second set of language invitation cards, rehearsal dinner, BBQ, or brunch cards are ideal as cost is per print and not per job! 5. One-off prints are ideal for signage such as large, medium to mini signs. 6. Digital is also great if you'd like your guest addresses printed onto your outer envelopes. Each are different and require lots of TLC... digital is ideal and looks fab! 7. If you are looking for a white or a metallic look in print this cannot be achieved. 8. Printing a lighter colour onto dark cardstock is also unachievable. 9. Make sure your paper of choice is digital printer friendly. 10. Dark colour + full ink coverage is hard to acheive... streeks and blotchs may occur.