Joseph + Jaime Photography

I recently interviewed Jaime of Joseph + Jaime Photography who discussed her expertise as one of the top wedding photographers in Toronto. 1- What is the story behind Jaime + Joseph Photography? We met at Ryerson while studying photography. After years spent in the darkroom (yes, real darkrooms!) we decided to start shooting together.

2- How do you differ from other wedding photographers? Our approach is very relaxed. This results in images that have a super natural feel. We try to keep our look very classic and timeless.

3- What are your top tips about wedding photography for couples currently seeking a photographer? Couples should have a good relationship with their photographers. Could you brunch with them? Then it’s a good fit!

4- Your work is amazing. Do you have photography secrets you wouldn't mind sharing? We keep things very clean and simple. Light is really important for us. Working near dusk is our favourite time of day.

5- Can you tell us about the weddings that stand out to you most? And why? Farm weddings are our favourite! The fields and open sky is always inspiring. Plus chickens running around are darn cute!