Map Cards?

Map Card?

The question is.... do I need to include a map card in my invitation package? The answer is yes if you have many out of town guests or if your wedding is taking place in a very unique setting or away from your home location. Your invitations should obviously set the tone... and will be kept in a safe place until your wedding day. Your guests will remember your wedding date (well lets hope!) and will refer back to check your ceremony time and location as well as your reception info. So if you feel a map is needed make sure its done right. Map design should always be kept simple which means it should include major roads (intersections). I love to include a ceremony and reception icon that visually describes each location. Call me "Martha" but I really do think your map card should reflect your invitation design to a "T" and also include addresses and maybe a website and phone number. Driving directions are also very common and found on the backside of every map card design.